Strand of Prayer Beads

Strand of Prayer Beads

Strand of Prayer Beads is one of the important part of your tasbih. If you have gemstone tasbih such as agate, onyx or turquoise your strand of prayer beads may be damaged after some use. However if you have amber tasbih your strand of prayer beads stays for a long time without any deformation. It is all about type and material of beads.

Strand of Prayer Beads
Strand of Prayer Beads

We are using high duty string on our prayer beads but if you will buy gemstone prayer beads you may need to change your string after some use. It is very easy process and you can do it by yourself. For that you should use 100% polyester string. You can use 0.9 mm rope for your tasbih. For gemstone tasbih you can change it by your self because holes of beads are enough big to change by yourself. But if you have amber beads it is very hard process to change by yourself. Our tasbih jewellers has special tools to change it also need experience to change it.

Otto Beads offers you to change strand of prayer beads free of charge. Amber prayer beads string can be used up to 10 years. Also you can mention that you want additional spare string with your prayer beads orders. We will add it to your package free of charge. If you are interesting to buy 60 mt string please contact our customer service. We will be happy to assist you about your inquiry any time.

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