Islamic Prayer Beads

Islamic Prayer Beads


Islamic Prayer Beads also called as rosary, misbaha or tasbih is one of the must-use accessory for Muslims. In this article we will give you detailed information about history and type of Islamic Prayer Beads.?You can also find our great collection of Islamic Amber Prayer Beads, Islamic Gemstone Prayer Beads (Agate, Turquoise, Sapphire, Onyx), Islamic Silver Prayer Beads and Islamic Wood Prayer Beads.

What Is Islamic Prayer Beads

Islamic Prayer Beads is a kind of rosary or tasbih which is suitable for Islamic Zikr. Tasbih is one of the oldest accessory for counting. A?string of beads for keeping count is called as prayer beads. Quantity of beads depends of type of prayer beads. For Islamic Prayer Beads, it has two types as 33 Count Islamic Prayer Beads or 99 Count Islamic Prayer Beads.

33 Count Islamic Prayer Beads

33 Count Islamic Prayer Beads is a type of prayer beads to carry on hand or wrist. It has 33 pieces of beads and generally counted 3 times to make zikr for 99 times. Advantages of 33 count beads are;

  • Easy to carry anywhere and anytime
  • Nice hand accessory
  • Touch stone everytime

We have different type of 33 count islamic prayer beads which made by amber, gemstone, silver or wood.

99 Count Islamic Prayer Beads

99 Count Islamic Prayer Beads is a traditional type of prayer beads to use at Namaz or for Zikr. It has 99 pieces of beads which comes from 99 Beautiful Names of Allah. Advantages of 99 Count Beads are;

  • Beautiful and Elegance which complete good look with Holly Quran
  • Must have product for all Muslims
  • Very nice and special Islamic Gift to give someone


Islamic Prayer Beads Parts
Islamic Prayer Beads Parts

Islamic Prayer Beads has three main parts as Beads, Disks and Imam. There are many variations to create prayer beads but this parts are must have to create tasbih.

Beads of Prayer Beads: Beads are main parts of prayer beads. There are many variations for this part as material type, shape, dimension and colors. You can choose count of beads as 33 and 99 counts. You can choose material of beads as amber, gemstone, silver and wood. Another options for beads is shape which is oval, round or drop shape.

Disks of Prayer Beads:?Disks are dividers of beads for three parts. Each tasbih has 2 disks which divides tasbih to 11 or 33 pieces of beads. If you have 99 Prayer Beads this disks divides 33 pieces. If your tasbih is 33 pieces this disks divides to 11 pieces. This part helps you to count your Zikr.

Imam of Prayer Beads:?One of the important part of prayer beads are Imams. It shows you starting point of Tasbih. It is also accessory of tasbih which makes it beautiful and meaningful. There are different types of Imams as Amber (for amber prayer beads only), 925 sterling silver, 1000 ct kazaz silver and abacus (systematic) imams. This part is also known as tassel (tassle) of tasbih and customisable.


Beads are used by many culture and regions. It was used before for counting only but since Ottomans it is very important and high-class accessory for Muslims. In Islam Religion Zikr and Namaz is so important so all of us needs this prayer beads to count our Zikr. Ottoman’s has great collection of tasbih, misbaha which made by Amber. It is must have accessory for every one. Because of that today world’s most famous tasbih creators (masters) are located at Istanbul, Turkey. Today Tasbihs, especially 33 beads tasbihs are used for every muslims as luxury hand accessory.?Also due to benefits of gemstones if a person wants to touch stone everytime tasbih is one of the best alternative accessory.


Shopping a tasbih from local market is not very easy if you are not living Muslim countries such as Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Bahrain, Egypt etc. In this countries you are able to find tasbih shops. However if you are living United Kingdom, United States, Canada, New Zealand or Australia it is not easy to find local Islamic Prayer Beads Shop.

As it is one of the oldest accessory it is not so hard to find standard plastic tasbih for $2-3. But if it is important for you (by the way it should be) you should check Ottoman Tasbihs which one is number one about for last 500 years. Even you are living in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait or Bahrain you can find high quality tasbihs only from Turkey or Turkish Made. Turkey is main land for Tasbih and Prayer Beads worldwide.

Otto Beads which is one division and brand of Boutique Ottoman, Inc. established to provide High Quality, Unique and Genuine Tasbih to worldwide customers. After high interest and demands to company we have to divide our website for our Muslim customers to provide them Islamic Prayer Beads directly from Istanbul, Turkey with many variations. Also we offer them Free Worldwide Shipping via Express Courier and orders delivers them in 2-3 business days only. All products at Otto Beads are under Boutique Ottoman quality and warranty. Also this products made by Boutique Ottoman Tasbih Masters at Boutique Ottoman workshops. You can choose material, color or shape of beads at our online shop and place an order securely with few clicks. If you need any assistance our customer service ready to help you.

Here is our featured Prayer Beads Collection. If you want to change tassel or customise your tasbih it is also available. Just contact us.



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