After?Highly Demand for Ottoman Tasbeeh products we have to establish Otto Beads website for Amber Tasbeeh Collectors.

Boutique Ottoman,?was first founded by S. Gultekin in 1972 in Istanbul as a small antique shop. During that period, while doing commerce of ancient jewelries and antique pieces from Ottoman?s Time, S. Gultekin had studied jewelry art and history between 1974 ? 1980. In 1980, S. Gultekin?started to design special tailor made jewelries and become one of the most popular designers of classical style jewelry in Turkey with the exceptional design and product quality.

Boutique Ottoman was activated? online shop in 2012 in order to cover the international demands professionally. The online shop?started to offer the high end products of Ottoman Empire?s luxury and wealthy life style worldwide.

After great interest to Tasbih Collection at our online sales we have to establish Otto Beads to provide detailed shopping experience for our Customers. Otto Beads specially designed to shop tasbih, misbaha and prayer beads shopping with variable options. You can also join our Exclusive Sales for Antique Ottoman Amber Tasbeehs.

Otto Beads is a brand of Boutique Ottoman, Inc.